about us

Social Media marketing Services for all business

Orange Online Pvt. Ltd. is a digital marketing startup located in Guwahati. Our aim is to provide economical & effective branding solutions to our customers. We help our clients succeed by helping them generate leads and achieve their goals through social media marketing, website designing, digital marketing & promotions and by providing branding consultancy.

Why Social Media

In India the number of internet users is set to see a two-fold rise standing at 730 million by 2020. With the rapid adoption of smartphones and increase internet usage the social media landscape has witnessed a paradigm shift. The unstoppable addiction of people towards social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc have encouraged businesses to look at it as a prospective marketplace for their products. Rather than shelling lakhs of rupees on newspaper ads & hoardings you can generate consumer interest by creating creative content & encouraging shares & likes.

Why Us

With so many social media accounts, it becomes difficult for a business owner alone to focus on everything without disturbing their day to day operations. Orange is the one stop solution for all your online branding needs. We have a dynamic team of social media experts & consultants who are dedicatedly working towards the task of fulfilling the needs of our clientele. We have successfully managed social media promotions of various sectors like healthcare, hospitality, education, retail etc.